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Cofraplus 60 is an open rib trapezoidal and nestable composite floor deck used for the construction of concrete slabs. Cofraplus 60 avoids removal of formwork,..

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Process." 6. Steel Deck Institute (SDI)-Metal floor deck profiles shall be in conformance with ANSI/SDI standard C1.0 "Standard for Composite Steel Floor Deck."

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A composite steel deck floor is designed in bending as either a series of simply supported spans or a continuous slab. Strength in fire is ensured by the inclusion..

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Composite Floor-Dek. CFD is a deep structural floor deck system that serves as both a permanent form for concrete placement and a positive steel reinforcement..

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A.C.T. Metal Deck Supply provides 2 Composite Floor Deck, 2 Composite Floor Decking, 2 Floor Decking, 2 Floor Deck, Metal Deck, Metal Decking, Floor Deck,..